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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

KAP is a wonderful thing. I have seen many patients launch from a full series of KAP sessions.

It is involved and please do contact me about any specifics I don’t address here.

 As usual, each case is different, however, as a general rule, if you were to do KAP with me, you’d be committing to a 3-to-4-week schedule, which involves: Approximately 6 therapy sessions in addition to 3 KAP sessions (usually on the weekend). Each KAP session is 2-3 hours and takes place in my office at 1133 Broadway, Suite 1101, NYC.  You can anticipate coming to the office at around 11am, where you’ll find an office with flowers and music, and frankly, it’s a different vibe. To my mind psychotherapy is an art founded on science. Ketamine therapy allows for more creative play. Expect to be under the medicine for 45-60 minutes. During that hour, you will be wearing eyeshades and listening to music either on your headphones or on an office speaker. Playlists and such will be discussed in advance. And, you do not have to listen to anything. That, along with the eyeshades, are just suggestions. What transpires during your “trip,” and your feelings and thoughts about it will be fully unpacked. The medicine itself is easily attained after having gone through a psychiatric evaluation with one of a few prescribing clinicians I work with. For the first session, a chaperone must come pick you up. After that, the following KAP sessions, as long as I know you are safely getting home by car, that is usually okay. Though fairly harmless, ketamine is a strong medicine and should be respected as such.

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