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Individual Therapy

I work both behaviorally and dynamically, as needed, and informed by my behavioral training at McClean Hospital/Harvard, Cambridge, Mass., in addition to my analytic training at The New York Counseling and Guidance Center/Freudian Inst., New York; the Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies, New York; and The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS), New York.

When you first contact me, either by email or phone, we’ll chat for a bit and then if the “feeling” is right, we’ll set up an initial consultation of one hour. I prefer it to be in person; however, if you are too far from the office, or simply can’t attend for one reason or another, we’ll schedule a Zoom session.

At the initial consult, I will take a history, as thorough as I can be and you will be able to see how I work; and above all, if the chemistry is right between you and I – it becomes fairly evident early on.

Then, depending on a loose diagnosis I may offer, you and I can plan our attack. I will do my very best to be fully transparent with you.

We’ll go over some administration business, and we’ll schedule our next session.

*Many rightly ask how long the treatment will be. And I always answer, “It depends.” However, for argument’s sake, if you have OCD or ADHD or both, I tell people that if they come once to twice a week for a year, then usually people feel better. Much better. There are no guarantees, but your quest for victory will not go unnoticed by me. And if we decide to work together, I will fully embrace the challenge.

Though I have extensive knowledge in the various medicines on the market, both big Pharm and the plant medicines, psychedelics, and other alternative treatments, I work with different psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and other mental experts in dispensing medicine. I do work with ketamine however and will elaborate on another page.

Please reach out with any questions you might have.

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