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Follow The Dopamine

"Follow the dopamine," I often tell my patients. What I mean is, where does one feel motivated, feels the reward is within reach, and continues that pursuit toward excellence? Where, I ask my patients? And what was the recipe to get there? Different habits eventually lead to different dopamine shifts. For OCD, when one finds they can't fight anymore, what's happening then? Always be curious. And change can follow.

Last evening I sat through a show here in the city, and I hated it! I was in mental pain and I'm sure I wasn't getting a whole lot of dopamine. But my wife enjoyed it, and so did others it seemed. I think at that moment I felt what many of my patients describe. An intense displeasure. I endured it to fight another day. But I'm following the dopamine, I realize it was cast aside when I listened to this narcissistic actor tell the story of his life. I was disinterested; but the disinterest became pain. I thought I'd share. The good new is, it passes; and indeed, then one is stronger.

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