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Group Therapy old

If you have an interest in participating in group therapy, please feel free to reach out to me. Currently, I am not conducting any groups, but I am open to forming new ones if there is sufficient interest. The group sessions typically last for an hour and accommodate 4-7 participants. The fee for group sessions is lower than that of individual sessions.

While I generally prefer in-person group sessions, I understand that this may not always be feasible. Depending on the level of interest and practical considerations, virtual sessions are also a possibility, if not a likelihood, and a hybrid model is an option as well.

The focus of my groups can vary, including but not limited to themes such as OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, and ASD. Group composition is carefully curated based on factors such as personality, symptoms, and more. If we haven't met before, an initial consultation will be scheduled. For those who are geographically distant, remote consultations are also an option.

I have found group therapy to be mutually beneficial—I get to connect with a broader audience, the fees are more affordable, and participants still receive valuable support. My groups are designed to be both supportive and interpersonal. I have personally enjoyed facilitating these sessions, and feedback suggests that participants find them valuable. Feel free to inquire via email or phone call if you have any questions or express your interest.

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