Douglas Zimmerman, 

M.A. Ed., LCSW-R

Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst,
OCD, Anxiety, Depression,
& Relationship Specialist
Flatiron District, NYC
Stop obsessing. Stop compulsing. Manage anxiety and eliminate depression. Improve your relationships.

OCD Treatment


Do you find yourself washing your hands twenty times a day, 'just to be sure,' that touching your baby won't contaminate him/her? Or you know you love your wife and love being intimate with her, but then you wonder if you're gay and don't really love her? Strange thoughts run in and out of your brain and you feel that you’re becoming crazy. Are crazy.

Without evidence to support your uncertainties, you find that one thing morphs into another and you keep going to the doctor, or the internet, to prove that you are okay. You ask for assurance. Is that wire going to cause a fire? Are people thinking this or that? You know they aren't, but you can't be sure.


I will help you confront your fears; which, in turn, will fortify your resistance to them. Slowly you will get 'used to' this or that. You will slowly learn to ignore, to accept, to say, "screw it."


And beyond this behavioral treatment, you and I will look at why you have this symptom over that one, or how the symptom came to be. You will be surprised, and pleased, to realize that OCD is 50% nature and 50% nurture - and the second piece of our work strongly addresses the nurture component.  

***COVID: Currently conducting therapy via video and phone. If interested in joining a group, please e mail me with your availability and phone number. Initial consult will first be conducted, followed by a group placement: contingent on demand.

***Supervision: Currently providing OCD supervision for clinicians: $150.00 per session.


Anxiety and Depression

In addition to my specialization in OCD, I have close to 20 years treating people with depression and anxiety. I am well-versed in the medications that are on the market for various disorders such as bi-polar to panic attacks and major depression. I will help you find the right psychopharmacologist if you wish to go that route. Or, you and I will hammer away, sans medication. Further still, we can incorporate a treatment plan that utilizes both therapy and medicine. The brain has much plasticity and the therapy changes the way one's brain communicates with itself as the therapy process unfolds. New neural pathways are always being formed.


My office is conveniently located in The Flatiron district. For those who are homebound or out of the country, I offer phone and skype sessions.

About Me

Years ago I worked in clinics and hospitals, and found that I could really reach people who suffered from agonizing obsessive thoughts and compulsions. The people I came in contact with were sensitive and kind. They just got in their own way and the quality of their life was severely limited. These people knew that what they were doing was irrational, yet they couldn't stop. Having some experience with irrational thoughts and with wasting precious time, I began to study and then implement a strategy to help people say "screw it” (it became a mantra of sorts). They’d declare: ”I want to live, life is too short." It's gratifying, very, to help people laugh at themselves and move on in life -- to create, to love, to work, and to have fun.

I have advanced psychoanalytic training. As I began to explore the study of mind/psyche, I went deeper in my own personal treatment; and in turn, I decided to learn the art of psychoanalysis. At first I studied at Freudian institutes, and then moved on to more relational institutes, such as the Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies and The Institute for Psychoanalytic Study for Subjectivity (IPPS).


I am a psychotherapist who works both behaviorally and analytically in treating people who suffer from obsessions, compulsions, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, and more. I have been doing this for 20 years now. I have run clinics and supervised many junior clinicians and was the chief clinician at a woman’s shelter in the Bronx. I am also an artist and an athlete. I am a New Yorker, but have lived in various states and in Europe.


Education and Training



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