Douglas Zimmerman, M.A. Ed., LCSW
New York City Psychotherapist
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Home - Psychotherapy for OCD, Relationship Difficulties, Anxiety, and Depression
Psychotherapy for:
Individuals, families, groups, and couples

Morning and evening hours offered.

Insurance: Out of network.

When suitable, Skype sessions are now offered

420 East 51st Street,
Suite C
New York City, NY 10022

Individual and Group psychotherapy for the relief of OCD -
and related difficulties: Depression, Anxiety, Difficulties in relationships.

Exposure/Response Prevention (ERP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT, and 12 step work is utilized, both individually and in groups. For those suffering from depression; and, or, relationship issues, the therapy of choice may be analytic/psychodynamic or a combination of modalities - all dependent upon the client's needs. Treatment is provided for people in New York City -  all the boroughs, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens, as well as the tri- state area.

Douglas Zimmerman's therapy and treatment approach varies per individual. Together, you and Douglas will address your symptoms, and then work toward their core. If you are anxious or depressed, Douglas Zimmerman can help you.

"My Manhattan-based psychotherapy practice is tailored per individual. I specialize in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and associated issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. In general, my philosophy on therapy and psychological counseling is to:

  1. Help you to feel more fulfilled in life - have more meaningful relationships - with your partner, friends, family, and in the workplace.
  2. Help you achieve maximum potential and enjoyment at your job - whether you are in the business sector, the arts, or are busy raising a family. Together, we can best explore what might be impeding your happiness and peace of mind.

The healing occurs within the relationship between therapist and patient. When trust is mutually developed and achieved, there exists the potential to work on the weak spots in one's life - not unlike strengthening a muscle that's been dormant.

If you feel your thoughts are scattered, your behaviors are impulsive, and there is a general unease in your life, I can help you."

Douglas Zimmerman, Psychotherapist