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Authenticity revisited again.

This morning, meditating on some of yesterday's sessions, I am nagged once more by thoughts of authenticity versus inauthenticity. I'm sure many others, in one way or another, have described their version of authenticity and the lack thereof. However, the pediatrician and psychoanalyst, Donald Winnicott, back in 1960, described how the false self (the inauthentic self) comes to be in his paper "Ego Distortion in terms of True and False Self." If a child acts according to their instincts and in accord with their creativity, and those behaviors are not met with a gleam in their primary caretaker's eye, the child may develop a false sense of self, a different way, to summon that longed for gleam.

It's good to know why one acts inauthentically in order to reverse it.

Enjoy your day.


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